Art nouveau lady absinthe fountain, four taps

Art nouveau lady absinthe fountain, four taps

The absinthe ritual arose because absinthe is unsweetened and many 19th century drinkers had a sweet tooth and were used to the sweetened liqueurs that were popular at the time. Since sugar would not dissolve in the 68% to 72% alcohol present in absinthe, spoons were used to suspend the sugar over the glass while it dissolved in the water that was poured over it. Later, to save time, many ingenious devices were invented to dispense the water, one of the most famous and stylish was the absinthe fountain.

Step 1 Pour a measure of absinthe into the absinthe glass, it should just fill the reservoir at the bottom of the glass (approximately 25ml or 1 ounce)

Step 2 Place the absinthe spoon over the glass and place a sugar cube on it.

Step 3 Turn on one of the taps and allow 4 to 5 measures of iced water to slowly drip over the sugar into the glass, the absinthe will turn from emerald green to a milky white (the louche).

Step 4 Sip slowly and imagine yourself in a Belle Époque Parisian Café.