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Pontiane (Gentiane Root Bitters)

Pontiane (Gentiane Root Bitters)

Pontiane (Gentiane Root Bitters)

Producer: Emile Pernot

Price (ex VAT at 20%) 15.28 (18.34 Including VAT at 20%)

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100cl 16% abv (32 proof)

Pontiane is another speciality of the Pontarlier region. It is made from distilled gentiane root, locally prized for its digestive qualities. The Michel Eau de Vie de Gentiane is used as its base, mixed with an additional maceration of gentiane and then lightly sugared. Pontiane's lightly bitter, woody, yet slightly sweet flavour make it an ideal aperitif. Try it served over ice with a slice of orange or lemon. If you enjoy Suze or Campari, you will love this!

Customer Reviews

  Good digestive  Very good, rather bitter (like life in general), but that is to expected. The description says 'lightly sugared' but I would describe it as moderately sugared at least. General quality seems high, as one would expect from this producer.   TheoJ - Ohio, USA

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