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Pernod Tarragona Absinthe, circa 1960

Pernod Tarragona Absinthe, circa 1960

Pernod Tarragona Absinthe, circa 1960

Producer: Pernod fils

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5cl 68% abv Limited quantities

These samples have been drawn from a full unopened litre bottle of Pernod Tarragona absinthe which was obtained from a cellar in Barcelona where it had remained undisturbed. This is a fantastic opportunity to taste absinthe from this period.

When absinthe was banned in France in 1915, Pernod fils moved their absinthe production to their distillery in Tarragona, Northern Spain where it was made until the late 1960s (absinthe was never banned in Spain). The bottles and labels remained almost identical to pre-ban Pernod fils absinthe but the absinthe can be said to have a flavour that is lighter than the pre-ban Pernod fils.
Colour: Light yellow green with golden yellow highlights, no sign of 'Feuille Morte'
Aroma: Light and fragrant, floral and lemony
Louche: Classic, slow forming with green and yellow tinges
Flavour: Balanced, smooth and elegant creamy with wormwood and anise to the fore
Finish: medium length with lingering citrus flavours

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