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November 2010 - LDF signs import deal for India

Anjuna, Goa, November 9, 2010 /India PRwire/ -- Liqueurs de France (LDF), a UK-based speciality beverages
producer and distributor, has signed an agreement for the sale and distribution of their absinthes in India with The
Green Fairy Absinthe Company (GFAC) based in Goa.
The two companies have already been selling absinthe in India on a trial basis for the past two years. The new
agreement is for Nemesinthe absinthe and Enigma Verte absinthe, both brands are owned by LDF.
Nemesinthe, which recently picked up Silver Medal, Best in Class at the International Wine and Spirit Competition,
is produced at the Timbermill distillery in London, United Kingdom. Enigma Verte is produced at distillerie Paul
Devoille in Fougerolles, France. Nemesinthe is a modern, cocktail-friendly absinthe which will appeal to younger
drinkers and is aimed squarely at the club and bar scene. Enigma Verte is a premium unfiltered absinthe which
aims to please those for whom expense is no object.
"This is a very exciting opportunity to bring two internationally recognised brands into the Indian market" said Ian
Hutton, Director of LDF. "We originally created a special brand for India in order to test the market, but the
response has been so strong that we have decided to bring in two of our best sellers so that they can benefit from
international marketing support." The proprietor of The Green Fairy Absinthe Company, Farrokh Maneckshaw,
added "the tradition, history and romance associated with absinthe , the familiar taste of aniseed, LDFs history
and quality products will appeal to discerning Indians, particularly clubbers "

August 2010 - Spectator.co.uk

Louche life - Dave Broom rediscovers the ritual of absinthe

Seven years after his first review of LDF absinthes (see below - August 2003), Dave Broom takes a second, more experienced look and taste.

July 2010 - Nemesinthe absinthe bags Silver, Best in Class at 2010 IWSC

July 2010 - Nemesinthe absinthe bags Silver, Best in Class at 2010 IWSC

Nemesinthe absinthe picked up a Silver medal and Best in Class award at the 2010 International Wine & Spirit Competition. The International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) was founded in 1969 and is the premier competition of its kind in the world. Its aim is to promote the quality and excellence of the world's best wines, spirits and liqueurs.

Judges tasting notes: "Pale green with very turbid louche. A blurred mixture of anise and citrus with liquorice and some fennel. Enormous flavour in the mouth with lots of action across the palate. Spirity and full of life. Nothing genteel or refined but certainly attention grabbing !"

April 2010 - The Moulin Rouge Ramble @ The Rambling Restaurant, London

April 2010 - The Moulin Rouge Ramble @ The Rambling Restaurant, London

Nemesinthe absinthe was proud to provide absinthe for the Rambling Restaurant's Moulin Rouge themed evening at 1000 Heads in London's Great Windmill Street. Dinner guests enjoyed a Belle-Epoque themed evening and were greeted with glasses of 'Drunken Fairy' cocktails. The winner of the best costume competition was presented with a bottle of Nemesinthe absinthe.

Click here for more photos of the event

February 2010 - The Chap Magazine

The English 'Journal for the Modern Gentleman' features the article "Away with the Green Fairies," written by Neil J. Ridley. In the tasting notes, Vieux Pontarlier Absinthe wins 'Top Tipple,' Doubs Mystique, Roquette 1797 and La Clandestine are also favorably noted.

December 2009 - Sunburn Festival, Goa

December 2009 - Sunburn Festival, Goa

Now in its third year, and already billed as Asia's biggest dance music festival, The Sunburn Festival was once again hosted in Goa. The 15,000 festival goers were kept entertained by the likes of India's own DJ Pearl and the finale was a two and a half hour set by the world number one DJ, Armin van Buuren. Those lucky enough to have passes to the VVIP areas, such as Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi and cricketer Sreesanth, were generously supplied with absinthe courtesy of the Green Fairy Absinthe Company, LDF's partner in India.

June 2009 - The Spirit Journal

F. Paul Pacult, founder/editor of The Spirit Journal, the world's most quoted publication on spirits, beer, and fortified wines awards Vieux Pontarlier Absinthe Française Supérieure: 5 Stars - Highest Recommendation (the highest rating he has ever given any absinthe). In his review he concludes that Vieux Pontarlier is "The Gold Standard for the Absinthe catagory."

click for About the Spirit Journal

April 2009 - Gourmet Magazine

April 2009 - Gourmet Magazine

Article 'Green Fairy Tails' in the Good Living section by James Rodewald. 16 absinthes are tasted for this article, 3 are mentioned.
Top comment: "I loved Vieux Pontarlier...diluted with ice-cold water..."

March 2009 - Gourmet Magazine on-line: Absinthe 101

Vieux Pontarlier and Duplais are featured in the line-up at PDT in New York City - Jim Meehan gives a video course on proper absinthe prepartion.

click to view Absinthe 101 hosted by Jim Meehan of PDT

March 2009 - Santé for Restaurant Professionals

Vieux Pontarlier Absinthe wins the Santé Gold Star Award of Exceptional Merit presented by their team of restaurant professional reviewers.

March 2009 - Bon Apptit Magazine

March 2009 - Bon Appétit Magazine

Vieux Pontarlier review: "From the capital of absinthe (Pontarlier, France) and the historic Emile Pernot Distillery, "Old Pontarlier" boasts a rich flavor profile with hints of spearmint and cocoa powder. It makes a good Sazerac cocktail."

click for Vieux Pontarlier in Bon Appétit

January 2009 - New York Times

"A Swiss Village Has Peace, Quiet and a Product Endorsed by Marilyn Manson"

click to read Mansinthe's Swiss Distillery in Kallnach

January 2009 - VH1 Music Television

VH1's 100 Top Hard Rock Songs
Mansinthe is featured in this rockumentary show about Marylin Manson's career on muisic channel VH1.

click to view No.86 - Beautiful People by Marylin Manson

August 2008 - Playboy Magazine

Playboy's 'Mantrack' section, page 34, features an almost 3/4-page bottle photo and recommendation for Mansinthe.

August 2008 - Esquire Magazine

August 2008 - Esquire Magazine

Esquire Magazine's 'Man His Best' section, article "The Outlaw", written by spirits specialist David Wondrich. The article discusses the new absinthes now or soon available on the US market. Listed in "a few of our favorite new bottles" is:
"Mansinthe: Marylin Manson not only has impeccable taste in women, he's a fine judge of absinthe, too - as this (Mansinthe), made in Switzerland to his taste, demonstrates."
TOP PICK: Vieux Pontarlier Absinthe: "An absolutely classic French absinthe. As good as it gets."

click to read on-line article

June 2008 - Absinthe Doubs Mystique wins Gold Medal and Best in Class at the International Wine and Spirits Competition

June 2008 - Absinthe Doubs Mystique wins Gold Medal and Best in Class at the International Wine and Spirits Competition

At the 2008 International Wine & Spirits Competition, our Doubs Mystique Carte d'Or was awarded a very rare GOLD MEDAL and BEST IN CLASS - the only absinthe, out of dozens of entries, to be so honoured. The IWSC is the oldest, largest and most respected competition of its kind, and we're thrilled to have received this immensely prestigious award.

Doubs Mystique Carte d'Or is distilled in small batches with painstaking care in the century old Egrot absinthe stills at the Pernot distillery in Pontarlier, the heart of historical absinthe country. Most of the herbs used, including the all important Grande Wormwood, are grown especially for us in the region, just as they were for Pernod Fils 100 years ago. Doubs Mystique has a classic absinthe character - powerfully herbal with delicious floral notes, a gorgeous green colour, a swirling louche, and a long lingering aftertaste.

This Gold Medal from the IWSC is further recognition of its quality, and fidelity to the highest traditions of historical absinthe. Available for online order now.

December 2007 - The Green Fairy arrives in India

LDF is pleased to announce that the Green Fairy has finally arrived in India. LDF commissioned a premium distilled absinthe specially for the Indian market. This absinthe was produced at the Emile Pernot distillery in Pontarlier, France and was formulated to appeal to the Indian palate. Since a mixture of coriander seeds and aniseed is often chewed as a palate freshner between courses in India, the flavours in absinthe are pleasingly familiar in the sub-continent. Green Fairy will initially be available at restaurants, clubs and bars in Goa.

July 2007 - LDF Absinthes win Gold and Silver medals at 2007 IWSC

July 2007 - LDF Absinthes win Gold and Silver medals at 2007 IWSC

Medals were awarded at the 2007 London International Wine and Spirit Competition to Jade Verte Suisse (Gold and Best in Class for French Absinthes), Jade PF 1901 (Silver for French Absinthes) and Matter-Luginbühl Duplais Balance (Silver and Best in Class for Swiss Absinthes). Perique Liqueur de Tabac also brought in a Silver and Best in Class.

June 2007 - LDF absinthes available in Australia

We are pleased to announce that several of our fine absinthes will be available this summer (winter down under!) for direct sale in Australia! Please contact our distributor in Australia: Absinthesalon for more information.

March 2007 - The French Senate - Paris

March 2007 - The French Senate - Paris

For our promotion of French rhum, Liqueurs de France was honored to be invited to attend the reception for the 10th anniversary of the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée "Rhum Agricole Martinique", held at the Palace of the French Senate in Paris. This prestigious event was hosted by Claude Lise, the senator of Martinique and included all the best producers of French rhums. LDF is the exclusive UK distributor of the exceptional AOC Rhums Agricole Martinique from Habitation Saint-Etienne and French Island AOC Agricole rhum made by the most popular producer in Guadeloupe, Damoiseau.

February 2007 - Gourmet Magazine and Discovery Networks International

Gourmet's 'Diary of a Foodie' cable TV program featuring the new trend for 'forbidden' food and drink and those who bring them out in the open.
Highlighted in this episode is the historian David Nathan-Maister and 'absintheur' Peter Schaf in the capital of absinthe, Pontarlier, France. Some of the scenes include a visit to a privately commissioned farm to study absinthe plant ingredients, antique spoons and glasses in use and an explanation of coloring herbs and techniques used at the Emile Pernot Distillery.

Episode 18 Contraband Cuisine

October 2006 - The History Channel - Modern Marvels : Distilleries 2

October 2006 - The History Channel - Modern Marvels : Distilleries 2

T. A. Breaux and the Combier Distillery are highlighted on the History Channel's popular 'Modern Marvels' series. Featured is an actual distillation of one of the famous Jade absinthes and a personal demonstration by T. A. Breaux of the art of properly preparing an absinthe with a dripper glass. Includes expert commentary and historical perspective given by Bon Appetit's Anthony Dias Blue.

click for link to show clip featuring Jade absinthe

October 2006 - Forbes - ForbesLife Magazine

October 2006 - Forbes - ForbesLife Magazine

Forbes lifestyle magazine ForbesLife article 'The Absinthe-Minded Professor', by the author of the first and most influential English-language absinthe-history book "Absinthe: History in a Bottle", Barnaby Conrad III. The Liqueurs de France web-site www.absintheonline.com is advised for ordering and ALL absinthes recommended are found there - including Jade Nouvelle-Orléans and Edouard; Liqueurs de France's Un Emile and Verte de Fougerolles along with the Swiss Clandestine and Kübler and Austrian Absinthe Montmartre.

click to read on-line article

August 2006 - Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV - Foreign Correspondent

August 2006 - Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV - Foreign Correspondent

Postcard France - Series 16, Episode 5: The Green Fairy
A popoular Australian television series produces an episode on absinthe featuring T. A. Breaux. Excellent scenes of the Jade distillation process at the Combier Distillery in Saumur. Luc Santiago of the Parisian absinthe shop 'Vert d'Absinthe' demostrates how absinthe is served using Liqueurs de France's absinthe "Verte de Fougerolles."
The ABC web page also links to LDF director Ian Hutton's often referenced article 'Myth, reality and absinthe.'
Broadcast: 01/08/2006
Reporter: Jane Hutcheon

July 2006 - LDF absinthes win Gold and Silver at the 2006 IWSC

July 2006 - LDF absinthes win Gold and Silver at the 2006 IWSC

Medals were awarded to Matter-Luginbhl Duplais (Gold and Best in Class), Jade Edouard (Silver), Nouvelle Orleans(Silver) and Blanchette (Silver).

The International Wine and Spirit Competition is the premier competition of its kind in the world. Its aim is to promote the quality and excellence of the world's best wines, spirits and liqueurs. It's the oldest, largest and most prestigious international tasting event - this year there were 5000 entries from 50 companies. The senior vice-presidents of the Competition include Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, Miguel Torres, Marchese Piero Antinori, Robert Drouhin and Robert Mondavi.
All entries are tasted blind by highly experienced judging panels, and the winning products are subject to further rigorous technical analysis.
Medals are awarded sparingly, and even a bronze medal is considered a significant
achievement. This year the absinthe category was the most competitive ever, and the Competition awarded 5 medals - 4 silver Medals, and one gold. There were no bronze medals.

In addition to its Gold Medal, Absinthe Duplais also won the Best In Class trophy - the ultimate accolade, and a stunning achievement for Matter-Luginbühl, a small, yet excellent Swiss distillery that also produces LDF's popular 'micro-batch' absinthe 'Brut d'Alambic'.

April 2006 - A Nous Paris Magazine

A Parisian urban lifestyle magazine (written in French and read weekly by around 1 million). Article "Mythe Réhabilité" in the 'Lieux Branchés' (trendy places) section about the absinthe shop Vert d'Absinthe, located in the fashionable 'Marais' district of Paris. (see our Retail Outlets for more information).
Absinthe 'Un Emile 68' is counselled and Jade 'Nouvelle-Orléans' is referred to as the 'Romanée-Conti of absinthes'.
by François LeMarié

April 2006 - House & Garden Magazine

April 2006 - House & Garden Magazine

Ted Breaux and Jade absinthe featured in the article from 'The New Tastemakers' issue, section 'Uncorked'; 'Chasing the Green Fairy'.
by Jay McInerney

click to read article
March 2006 - National Gallery, London - Belle Epoque Gala

March 2006 - National Gallery, London - Belle Epoque Gala

Liqueurs de France was chosen to host the absinthe bar at the National Gallery, overlooking London's Trafalgar Square, for their white-tie 'Belle Epoque Gala', in celebration of the impressionist exhibition 'Americans in Paris 1860-1900'.
Jade absinthes Edouard and Nouvelle-Orléans flowed in 19th century style to the delight of the VIP guests, while LDF's Peter Schaf and absinthe historian and collector David Nathan-Maister provided insights on the preparation, fabrication and myths surrounding the legendary drink. Atmosphere was also provided by Belle Epoque courtesans and a pair of Green Fairies who flitted amoungst the crowd with glasses of absinthe.

Liqueurs de France helped the National Gallery raise over £300,000 and the absinthe bar was
"considered THE sensation of the evening and the thing that stuck in the mind of all the guests to whom I spoke in the aftermath...I, the gallery and the people of this country are all beholden to you." proclaimed the Marchioness of Normanby, chairwoman of the Gala Committee.

March 2006 - The New Yorker Magazine

March 2006 - The New Yorker Magazine

The March 13th issue contains the article 'Green Gold, The return of absinthe.' featuring T. A. Breaux's saga and a well-documented visit at Combier Distillery during his distillation of the Jade absinthe 'Verte Suisse.' It presents a thoroughly researched historical background on absinthe and a tasting and interview with 'absintheur' Peter Schaf. Extremely well researched and written, this article has been considered by some to be the turning point in absinthe gaining re-legalization in the USA.
By Jack Turner

click to read article
January 2006 - G4TV  'Attack of the Show' TV program

January 2006 - G4TV 'Attack of the Show' TV program

Ted Breaux talks about real absinthe on this popular cable television show. He prepares and shares a glass of a 'lab sample' of an upcoming new Jade vintage absinthe clone with the host.

click for clip The Absinthe Chemist with Ted Breaux

January 2006 - MSNBC TV 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct'

Ted Breaux debates author Jad Adam's outdated theories about absinthe's possible role in a cruise ship murder during this MSNBC television show.

click for on-line transcript

November 2005 - ABC Australian Radio National

An on-air interview with T. A. Breaux on Australian radio.
Reported and presented by Fran Kelly.

click to listen to on-line radio replay

November 2005 - The New Zealand Herald

T. A. Breaux and Jade absinthes featured in the article:
'Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder'

click to read on-line version

October 2005 - Wired Magazine

October 2005 - Wired Magazine

T. A. Breaux and his personal Jade absinthe journey are featured in the in-depth article
'The Mystery of the Green Menace.'
By Brian Ashcraft

click to read on-line version

October 2005 - Bloomberg.com

Top news and financial data provider Bloomberg features an article about absinthe focusing on Yves Kübler's distillery in the Val-de-Travers, Switzerland with a quote from T. A. Breaux.
'Absinthe, Once Banned as Hallucinogen, Returns at Swiss Brewery'
By Randall Hackley

click to read on-line version

September 2005 - Newsweek International/October 2005 Newsweek USA

Ted Breaux and Jade absinthes are featured in both the international and USA versions of this weekly news magazine in the article 'Real Absinthe.'
By Tracy McNicoll

click to read on-line version

September 2005 - Chelsea Art College MA

Liqueurs de France sponsors the 2005 MA Fine Art show at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank, London SW1P 4RJ. An absinthe bar was furnished at the Private View.
The Chelsea College of Art and Design is the world-renowned art college that trained Gavin Turk, Quentin Blake, Anthony Caro, Dirk Bogarde, and Turner Prize winners Anish Kapoor, Chris Ofili, Gillian Wearing, Steve McQueen and Richard Deacon.

July 2005 - Anthony Bourdain: 'No Reservations' Pilot Show

July 2005 - Anthony Bourdain: 'No Reservations' Pilot Show

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has an 'absinthe experience' on the pilot show
'Why the French Don't Suck' of his new series 'No Reservations' on the Travel Channel. Peter Schaf of Liqueurs de France is featured, offering Tony a rare (but unfortunately, not obvious) side by side tasting of vintage 1910 C.F. Berger absinthe and its Jade Absinthe clone 'Verte Suisse'.

See background on making the show along with great foodie tips on 'Movable Feast', the award-winning food blog written by professional chef and journalist Louisa Chu:
Bourdain Fixer's Guide to Paris

January 2005 - Bars.com

In 'What's New and Hot' an article about absinthe features the distillery Les fils d'Emile Pernot.
By Caterina Miltenberger
Bars.com is a web-site written by bartenders for bartenders.

click to read on-line article
November 2004 - The Thirsty Traveler TV series

November 2004 - The Thirsty Traveler TV series

T. A. Breaux and Combier Distillery are featured in the Fine Living Channel's television series The Thirsty Traveler, in the absinthe episode 'The Green Fairy'.
Also featured in the Swiss segment of the show is Claude-Alain Bugnon, maker of our Absinthe Clandestine, who at the time of the filming was still a bootlegger!

A wrap-up group photo in Saumur. From left: cameraman Brad Schewaga, Ted Breaux, soundman Mike Myrden, director Michael Bodnarchuk and host Kevin Brauch (sitting)

click for show schedule
November 2004 - International Herald Tribune

November 2004 - International Herald Tribune

T. A. Breaux and Combier Distillery's CEO Franck Choisne are featured in an article on absinthe in the International Herald Tribune, 'Fans of absinthe party like it's 1899'.
By Doreen Carvajal

click to read on-line version

March 2004 - Food Reference.com

Absinthe page including an article updated by Sam Adams with a link, stating " Liqueurs de France commissions and sells what are probably the best commercial absinthes available today."
Food Reference.com is maintained by professional chef James T. Ehler and contains articles & trivia about food; modern, classic and historic recipes; food quotes, events, humor & poetry; cooking schools & tours; food art, crosswords, cookbook reviews, and a weekly newsletter.

click to read on-line article

February 2004 - The Cultured Traveler

An on-line traveler's advisory web-site features an article about the history of absinthe, written by a Liqueurs de France director.
'A Brief History of Absinthe'
By Ian Hutton

click to read on-line article

August 2003 - Dave Broom, Wine Magazine - Un Emile La Blanche

"These are some of the best true absinthes made without essential oils, additives or colourings. The botanicals are steeped in the alcohol and redistilled. This is the 'white' (clear) version.

-Colour/nose: with water (3 to 4 parts to 1 part spirit) the hue is a light milky blue louche with an anise/basil, geranium nose and dryness. When neat, the nose is liquorice, hyssop and creamy.
-Palate: refreshing, herbal with a central sweetness. The finish is fresh.
-Conclusion: a classic summer aperitif"

July 2003 - Augusta's Metro Spirit

An interesting and well-researched article in Augusta, Georgia (USA) magazine Metro Spirit, featuring an Un Emile tasting and interview with T. A. Breaux.
By Brian Neill

click on image for full text

December 2002 - Best of New Orleans

T. A. Breaux of Jade Liqueurs with Ian Hutton and Un Emile of Liqueurs de France featured in this two part article, 'Good to the Last Drip' and 'The Thujone Connection' covering absinthe, its history, revival and the truth about thujone.
By Mark Miester

click to read on-line articles

September 2002 - Current Drug Discovery Professional Journal

The article 'Myth, reality and absinthe' was researched and written by Liqueurs de France director Ian Hutton and published in the professional journal Current Drug Discovery. It sets out to disprove the widely held assumption that 19th century absinthe contained far higher concentrations of thujone than modern examples.

click for text of 'Myth, reality and absinthe'

August 2002 - Dave Broom, Wine Magazine - Un Emile 68

"Following Pernod’s welcome re-appearance on the market, here’s another from France the home of absinthe to redress the balance of dodgy distillates from Eastern Europe. It’s from Pontarlier, where the first absinthes were made. It claims to be the only company using the original method of placing the flavouring plants in a still and distilling the mixture.

-Nose: Neat it’s intense, with rooty notes of herbs, fennel seed, mint, citrus peel. Dilute with water and the aroma becomes the back of a herbalist’s store.
-Palate: Fresh, very dry with violet, dried citrus peel, iris, anise. Strange and enigmatic. Dissolve a lump of sugar in it to remove rooty notes and lift the citrus.
-Comment: Classy, like a turbo charged, complex pastis. A distinctly floaty sensation after a couple."

-Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

1995 - The Gumbo Pages (updated to present)

A comprehensive web site containing writings and photographs dedicated to the preservation of New Orleans culture. An article originally written in 1995 by Vicki Richman, titled 'What is Absinthe? And what does it have to do with New Orleans?' - updated to the present by site-owner/writer Chuck Taggert. Lots of well-researched information and links with very positive remarks about the Jade absinthes and Un Emile.

click to read on-line article

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