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Kübler 53 Swiss absinthe (100cl)

Kbler 53 Swiss absinthe (100cl)

Kübler 53 Swiss absinthe (100cl)

Producer: Kubler/Blackmint


Price (ex VAT at 20%) 55.56 (66.67 Including VAT at 20%)

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100 cl (1 liter) 53% abv (106 proof)

Original Swiss Formula

In keeping with the local tradition of clandestine La Bleue, Kübler 53 is crystal clear, has no added sugar and is finished at 53% alcohol. It is very aromatic and has a deep white louche, which, in contrast to its French counterparts in Pontarlier, is brought on by a judicious use of star-anise in the formula. We believe that this original Swiss version of Kübler deserves our attention and its place in our offerings as a fine representation of a high-quality, commercially distilled absinthe with a 'clandestine' spirit. Our version is the full-strength EU version.

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Customer Reviews

  A Quality Absinthe  Kbler absinthe was the first absinthe I tasted. One couldn't ask for a better start. After contacting a local store, they now sell Kbler; they sell two others with food coloring and bright packages. Today I bought a bottle of Kbler; the last one, leaving two rows of bright boxes.   (07/02/2014) Gerald Herrin - Springfield, MO, USA

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