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Grand Pontarlier crystal absinthe glass

Grand Pontarlier crystal absinthe glass

Grand Pontarlier crystal absinthe glass

Producer: M5 IDEES

Price (ex VAT at 20%) 12.50 (15.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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LDF exclusive!

This is a fantastic absinthe-tasting and collectable glass: an original 'Pontarlier' type glass, hand-blown in crystal using the original, recently rediscovered 19th century mould. The volume is quite large (in total approximately 41cl - almost 14 ounces - 15cm in height/10cm diameter), helping the drinker to appreciate delicate aromas and flavours from the best absinthes without overfilling, and it can be comfortably swirled by holding its base. The dosed stem has not been altered from the original mould and is around 2.5cl. (note: due to the hand-blown process, dose sizes may vary slightly from glass to glass) and you should follow the type and alcoholic strength of absinthe used along with your own taste to find your preferred mixing ratio. Should you wish to use an absinthe spoon with this glass, we suggest only the Replica 'Cuilleres #1' or 'Playing Cards' spoons as virtually all other replica absinthe spoons are too short.

Click on image to see original glass mould.

Customer Reviews

  Big glass, but very functional  This is a much bigger glass than I expected, but very functional, with both the measuring function of the stem and the mate with the matching dripper. Although the glass and dripper combination doesn't work with a sugar cube and slotted spoon, if you aren't using sugar then this is excellent.   (24/12/2012) -

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