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Blanche Traditionelle Absinthe "Brut d'Alambic" essai 9

Blanche Traditionelle Absinthe

Blanche Traditionelle Absinthe "Brut d'Alambic" essai 9

Producer: Matter-Luginbhl

Price (ex VAT at 20%) 56.67 (68.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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50cl 81.5% abv (163 proof) Essai 9

Unique amongst absinthes in being bottled at still strength, Brut d'Alambic is one of our best selling absinthes and justifyably popular with absinthe connoisseurs. This absinthe blanche follows the historic 'Absinthe Suisse Blanche' recipe from the French Duplais distiller's manual of 1858 using a single, mixed-plant alambic charge. Essai 9 refers to the batch number for this absinthe.

This absinthe blanche follows the historic 'Absinthe Suisse Blanche' recipe from the French Duplais distiller's manual of 1858 (which does not include a final coloring step), using a single, mixed-plant alambic charge. It is bottled undiluted as a full 81.5% alcohol (163 proof) distillate. We continue to use the same format we established as the first 'essai', allowing our customers to have the rare opportunity to taste the full-strength absinthe distillate, straight from the alambic. Blanche Traditionelle presents extremely concentrated aromas from the variety of aromatic plants used including grand and petite wormwood, green anise, coriander, hyssop, génépi, camomile, fennel, veronica and angelica. It is remarkably intense in taste, yet retains the impression of sweetness with a dry, herbal finish. It should be served diluted with a minimum of 4 parts ice-water and sugar can be added if you prefer. Always keep in mind that it is twice as strong as virtually every other commercial spirit. Bottled in heavy white crockery.

Colour: Flawless clarity, very bright. Look hard and critically, and it has the very, very, very slightest tint of gold, however, nearly colorless.
Louche: At 4:1, milky looking, flat and opaque, showing the slightest gold/bronze tint. At 5:1, it begins to let enough light pass to take on a nice sheen. The tint lessens, and it displays some blue. At 6:1 (and in my opinion, a proper dilution here), the gold tint is barely there, and it develops some pretty pewter highlights with nice violet reflections. A very attractive blanche louche. The action takes plenty of time to unfold (that's 81.3% abv having its way).
Aroma: Louched, balanced (for what's there), very homogeneous. A very dark-toned nose featuring strong wormwood, chamomile and other plants. Sultry. Anise and fennel support this, and it all impresses as being very clean. Nothing "off" whatsoever. A slight sense of flowers as it warms. Lacking in the typical brighter top notes of quality absinthes, blanches in particular. Not terribly focused, as a result.
Flavour: Big, round and darkly herbal. A very masculine style. Wormwood, genepi, and chamomile dominate with good support from the anise and fennel. Very clean, with no obvious flaws, but nothing particularly interesting, either. A little hollow in the mid-palate. At 4:1, rather brutish, 5:1, and really 6:1 show much more tamely. At the higher dilutions, and with warming, it reveals a slight mintiness, not quite capable of offsetting its brooding character.
Finish: A lot like the palate, nothing wrong, but nothing particularly interesting. Somewhat simple, and a little short, which is surprising considering the strong wormwood .

Tasting notes courtesy of The Wormwood Society

Customer Reviews

  Blanche Traditionelle Absinthe "Brut d'Alambic" es  i have to say for it being my first time ever buying Absinthe from a dealer that sells authentic and true to it recipe bottles; this Absinthe was very smooth and well worth the price. although i would have loved a bigger bottle; i still feel that this is a great buy; pleasant scent and very strong.   (10/05/2016) -

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