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Badiane (Star anise) distillate

Badiane (Star anise) distillate

Badiane (Star anise) distillate

Producer: Liqueurs de France Ltd

Price (ex VAT at 20%) 13.35 (16.02 Including VAT at 20%)

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60% abv 20 cl

Distillate of Badiane, Star anise (Illucium verum) in wine alcohol.

This distillate is made by soaking freshly dried plant material in wine alcohol and carefully distilling the charge in a copper alembic. This distillate can be blended with other botanicals to create an individual absinthe or even enjoyed as a unique eau de vie. Parts used, dried fruits. Strong aniseed flavour, more powerful than Anis verte. Useful for enhancing the louche.

Aniseed with sharper citrusy top notes, very heavy louche immediately on addition of water. Strong numbing taste.

Primary compounds: anethole, a-pinene, philandrene, p-cynene, 1,4-cineol, limonene and d-turpenol

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