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Absinthe spoon 'Joanne'

Absinthe spoon Joanne

Absinthe spoon Joanne

Producer: Liqueurs de France Ltd

Price (ex VAT at 20%) 8.33 (10.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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LDF Exclusive

Nickel plated on brass Length 17 cm weight 22 g

We are pleased to offer a nickel-plated on brass replica of one of the most sought-after absinthe spoons, the 'Joanne' spoon, originally produced for the Parisian distillery Edmond Joanne. This wonderfully detailed spoon is engraved 'Absinthe Joanne - Medaille D'Or Paris 1889' and the central cut-out has the Swiss cross flanked by the initials E.J. Originals of this spoon are hard to find and usually change hands for over a thousand US dollars.

Customer Reviews

  A very attractive reproduction!  I received the Joanne spoon in the mail the other day - a very attractive reproduction! Again, thanks. I swear it makes my Absinthe taste better when I use it.   (30/04/2014) Andrew Wiertella - US

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